Cotrugli Business Museum – World First

Cotrugli Business Museum is the first museum to unite history, culture, technology and entrepreneurship. A place to learn about the development of business in the last 5 millennia!


Cotrugli Business Museum is named after Benedetto Cotrugli a 15-century merchant, diplomat and humanist from Dubrovnik. Of course, a prominent place in the museum is occupied by his legacy.

Benedetto Cotrugli’s book the Art of Trade, from 1458, is one of the oldest known books on business. As a matter of fact, it is a book in which double-entry bookkeeping was described for the first time in history.

The museum presents the development of the business from the 4-millennium BC Mesopotamia until the 18-century and Industrial Revolution.

Also, the museum was created by numerous business experts coming from all relevant areas.

After all, it is an ideal mixture of education and entertainment. Offering an original and intriguing interpretation of the past as business is a driving force of history!

Cotrugli Business Museum opening hours

Monday–Friday 15:00–18:00

You must announce your visit in advance.

Cotrugli Business Museum ticket price

75 HRK per person

Captions are in English.

Museum tour

Available in English and Croatian.

Audio guides are available in English, Croatian, German and Italian.

What can you see and do at the Cotrugli Business Museum?

Learn about the history of business all the way back to 4-millennium BC Mesopotamia. With this in mind, the museum offers an interactive, dynamic and modern experience.

You will not only learn about economic topics. Such as the emergence and development of entrepreneurship, financial practices or business ethics. But also the extent to which business has contributed to the development of civilization.

The museum is located on 3rd Floor of the King ICT building. The entrance is wheelchair accessible so please contact the museum for assistance.

Cotrugli Business Museum

Cotrugli Business Museum

How to get to Cotrugli Business Museum?

Accessible by public transport. Take the bus line 268 from Zagreb Train station and stop at the Buzin bus stop.


Parking is available around the Museum. Disabled parking spaces are also available.

Taxi or UBER is always an option.

Photos by Cotrugli Business Museum

Opening hours

Monday–Friday 15:00–18:00

Previous announcement is obligatory.


75 HRK per person

Captions in English.

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