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Learn about Zagreb, its stories and guides in our Zagreb travel blog. Experience Zagreb while strolling and exploring with friends and family.

There are numerous things to do in Zagreb for both locals and tourists. That is why we want to provide you with relevant stories and guides through our Zagreb travel blog.

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, and the largest business, political and student centre in Croatia. A change of scenery in regards to the coastal part.

Zagreb lives all year round and offers many ways to spend your time. It is flat and walkable, perfect to be explored by walking or cycling. As it is still not overcrowded it is perfect for exploring and best of all you can’t get lost. Wheater strolling the Upper Town, exploring Zagreb Museums or Galleries, cycling Jarun Lake, or hiking to the Medvednica Mountain don’t rush and soak in your Zagreb time.

And that’s not even the half of it. Zagreb is bursting with new experiences daily. From elegant restaurants to unusual and unique fascinating adventures. But definitely, do not miss out on trying the traditional one. Stopping by at a cafe and spending quality time with friends and family. Or simply relaxing reading the news.

Find your passion and read through our Zagreb Stories & Guides.

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