Coming to Zagreb by Car

Zagreb by Car

Coming to Zagreb by car, you should try and plan your arrival so that you miss the rush-hour. Zagreb is a regional highway hub and traffic can get congested.


Coming to Zagreb by car should not pose any problems. The best ways to enter Zagreb is via the A2, A3 and A4. A1 is the highway towards the Adriatic. Zagreb is amazing to drive during summer as the locals leave for their summer vacations.

Zagreb has very good public transport and we advise you to use it. Take advantage of Zagreb parking and garages.

Local Driving Laws

  • It is prohibited to drink and drive, there is zero tolerance for alcohol while driving.
  • All passengers and the driver must wear seatbelts.
  • Children under 150cm cannot travel up front.
  • You need to have your driving licence, car permit, insurance and green card if applicable.
  • We recommend having headlights on at all times, although they are obligatory only during winter.
  • Using Mobile Phones when driving is strictly prohibited.
  • Speed Limit is 50 kilometres per hour in built-up areas
  • Do not drive on tram lines and only use your horn in cases of immediate and extreme danger.

Non-Stop Working Gas Stations in Zagreb

In the city centre

  • Miramarska, INA Station – Google Map
  • Josip Lango Square, INA Station – CURRENTLY UNDERGOING RENOVATION – Google Map
  • Jagićeva, INA Station – Google Map

Passing through, on the highway

  • Slavonska Avenue, Crodux, Heading East – Google Map
  • Slavonska Avenue, Crodux, Heading West – Google Map

Emergency Numbers

Emergency Services 112

Police +385 1 192

Roadside assistance +385 1 1987

Zagreb Tow parking +385 1 6421 888

Open 24/7

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