The best places to simply go Walking in Zagreb. A list of casual parks, trendy streets and neighbourhoods. Places which offer shade and a place to relax.

In Zagreb, everything is nearby. The perfect city to be explored on foot at a leisurely pace. In fact, mostly all attractions are within walking distance!

Zagreb is a very safe city. You can go for a walk anywhere and anytime.

For the active ones, Medvenica Mountain is a perfect place to spend the day. It offers great food and plenty of paths to choose from. With high and low inclines. Just be aware that Mountain lodges do not work on Mondays.

Walking through the Mirogoj Cemetery seems like a walk through an open art gallery.

During warm days, cafes set up terrace’s seating all over the city. Zagreb nourishes it’s coffee culture and days sometimes almost feel like a nightly street party.
But the best place to start of the night is with a stroll in Tkalčićeva street and an occasional stop at one of the bars or cafes.

On the other hand, exploring the city is best by starting with walking through the streets of Upper Town. It holds most of the museums and attractions.
Continue by taking a shortcut through the Grič Tunnel and cool off if needed.

Take your pick, we are sure that you will find something interesting by Walking in Zagreb.