Zagreb is more than 900 years old. Throughout the decades, generations have left monuments and landmarks in town. The city is full of historic sights and landmarks each with a story of their own.

Most of Zagreb sights and landmarks lie in the Upper town. On the other hand, for some of them, you have to climb.

The best thing is all of them are easily accessible! Even better, many Zagreb landmarks are free to visit.

Most cities pride themselves with historical architectural landmarks. Don’t get us wrong, Zagreb is filled with historical sights and landmarks. It has been on the crossroads between East and West for over 900 years.

But we believe Zagreb’s top landmark is the Medvednica Mountain! Often it is disregarded, but it offers true time-out from every day. As a bonus, you can visit the medieval Medvedgrad Castle, Zrinski Mine, and Veternica Cave. Not to mention breath-taking views of Zagreb or Zagorje.

Find Zagreb Sights and Landmarks and decide on what to see and experience.