Zagreb is more than 900 years old and filled with historic buildings. Throughout the decades, generations and cultures have left monuments and landmarks in town.

Zagreb prides itself on its rich history. One of the ways to do it is to preserve Historic Buildings as much as possible.

Being at the intersection between east and west for over 900 years, various cultures left their mark in Zagreb, but most of all Astro-Hungarians

You might consider Zagreb a mixture of Austro-Hungarian and socialist architecture.

Zagreb Cathedral and Saint Mark’s Church are the most famous Zagreb Historic Buildings. As a matter of fact, the whole of Upper Town and most of Lower Town is filled with Historic Buildings, just look up!

Mirogoj cemetery is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe. We know you might say it is not a building, but its beauty comes from its arcades as well.

We would like to point you to our hidden gems The Glyptothegue and Croatian State Archives. To us one of the most beautiful buildings in Zagreb.

No matter where you choose to go, you will most certainly see an old building.