Looking for the best location to stay in Zagreb? We offer a wide variety of hotels on prime locations in Zagreb. Search for Zagreb City Centre Hotels.

Most Zagreb attractions can be easily accessible on foot from the main ban Jelačić Square. That is why we based our selection on distances to Zagreb’s main square.

We feature hotels which are either up to 1.5 kilometres away, or up to 10 minutes easy walking distance from the Main ban Jelačić Square.

From the city centre, you have easy access to most of what Zagreb has to offer. Since most of Zagreb can be walked within a day the best place to stay is in the city centre.

Don’t get us wrong, Zagreb is much more than its architecture. For the best experience, you have to browse through its attraction and live its culture.

For the best local experience, you should consider going beyond the city centre and Zagreb itself. It all depends on how much time you have.

Never the less the city centre is the best place to stay as you are in the centre of Zagreb life with easy access to it all!