The best places to take a photo in Zagreb. Check out our list of Zagreb Photo Spots. The most popular attractions and places to take with you as memorabilia.

These are the most famous Zagreb Photo Spots. With a couple of favourites of our own.

Take a photo anywhere in Zagreb and it will be memorable. It is in the details and of course happiness.

Zagreb is diverse, in every aspect and it is still evolving on a daily basis. Anywhere you look you might find a photo opportunity, and if you wish to share it, just tag us #visitzagreb on Instagram, and we will share your memory.

We see a variety of styles and locations people find. Some we didn’t even know existed. It also depends on when you visit Zagreb as there are numerous festivals and events going on.

Do not miss out the most photographed place in Zagreb. Along the Strosmayer Promenade, you will stumble upon Anton Gustav Matoš, a Croatian poet who sits on a bench forever overlooking Zagreb.

One of our favourite Zagreb Photo Spots is actually the top of the Lotrščak Tower. It offers amazing panoramic views of the city and its most iconic buildings.