Zagreb is not only the capital city but also the cultural center of Croatia. For over 900 years it has been forever changing and developing.

Today, Zagreb has attractions and sights to suit every taste and interest. Most of them being within walking distance.

The perfect city for walking as the most things to see and do in Zagreb are within easy reach.

Experienced Zagreb’s thriving restaurant scene, rich selection of museums, cultural attractions, and travel experiences!

Croatia’s capital lives and breathes history. Sightseeing in Zagreb is easy, as you experience history without even moving, just look around!

Discover architectural and natural beauty and attractions, many of which can be enjoyed for free. Uncover its many secrets from the past by exploring historic palaces and roaming ancient streets.

You’re never far from an attraction or activity in Zagreb. Perhaps you’ll scale monuments, admire traditional and contemporary artworks or explore traditional and unique museums.

Your evenings, on the other hand, could be filled with night-time tours, musical or theatre performances, or simply finding your favorite bar or pub.

Zagreb has a lot more to offer than its most famous attractions. Below you will find a list of thing to see and do in Zagreb.


Explore Zagreb’s Attractions. From both traditional, sacred and religious sites, to unusual and unique parks, art galleries and museums.

Zagreb by

Want to see Zagreb on a Budget, Romantic Zagreb or you are visiting Zagreb with kids.


Live through Zagreb’s thriving urban scene. Experience Zagreb by running or cycling, or simply enjoy a good Opera.


Zagreb is so much more than what is going on within the city. Within 2 hrs drive, you can drink coffee by the Adriatic, hike Plitvica lakes explore Croatia’s Medieval castles and enjoy culinary delights.

Discover all of Zagreb Attractions and Activities.

See a Complete List of Things to See and Do in Zagreb

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