Zagreb is developing to be more accessible for persons travelling with a disability. We are not quite there yet, but never the less, today you have access to many of the city’s attractions.

The city is developing and with it its accessibility. Attractions, hotels and services are being improved for whatever disability you might have.

Many Zagreb attractions have access for people travelling with a disability. We are very proud of our Typhlological Museum, museum dealing with the problems of disabled persons.

Zagreb is a 900-year old city. So public surfaces in the city can be hard to pass when in a wheelchair. Stores might be hard to enter because of small steps, and old buildings might not have elevators installed. The transportation system is upgraded and all new trams and public buses are suitable for wheelchairs.

Although most attractions are accessible we suggest to call upfront and confirm that they are wheelchair accessible. Somewhere their staff will be happy to help you enter.

Below, we have made an overview of what attractions you can visit if you have a disability. But also where the staff has to help you to get around.