Zagreb is amazing regardless of the weather. Although, being one of the sunniest continental European cities the weather can still surprise you.

Zagreb is the hottest during July and August and the coldest is January. But the rainiest month is November.

Although, weather can be tricky do not worry. Zagreb has plenty of things to offer on a rainy day.

Zagreb during rain is perfect for visiting numerous museums, but also an excuse to go shopping or see a show at the Croatian National Theater.

Museums are a great choice as Zagreb has the largest number of museums per citizen. With new and unique museums opening, with various themes, we are sure you will enjoy one.

Shopping is always an option as you have great shopping centres all around the city. You can easily spend a day as they have the most popular brands and they offer spaces for refreshment.

Another great option is to see a show at Croatia National Theatre or visit the cinema. Ballet or Opera is for international crowds and the rates are very affordable.

Our cinemas, on the other hand, show most movies with subtitles, but in native languages. You can also enjoy Spectacles which are basically streams of performances by World Renown Opera Houses or similar.

Regardless of a rainy day in Zagreb, it will easily charm you. Everything is close by so you will not be in the rain too long.

What can you do in Zagreb when it rains, or during bad weather?
Here we list all attractions which offer an escape from the rain.