Wondering where to stay in Zagreb. Do not worry we offer a wide variety of accommodation possibilities. Wheather Hotels, Apartments or Hostels, Zagreb has it all.

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In Zagreb, everything is nearby! On one hand a lot of attraction are in the city centre and easily accessible on foot. On the other, attractions which are a bit further are accessible by cheap public transportation.

Regardless of what you decide on where to stay in Zagreb, you will have easy access to the city and its attractions.

As we cover most accommodations in Zagreb we show you how far from the city centre you will be. When we say the city centre, we always talk about the Main ban Josip Jelačić square. From there you have easy access to most Zagreb attractions.

Zagreb is a 900-year-old city, but most of its accommodation units have been renovated and updated. Never the less they will all tend to keep as much of the old charm as possible.

We are a safe city and will welcome all type of travellers. Mostly we categorized Hotels, Apartments are recommended for families and groups of friends. Hostels, on the other hand, we recommend for youth.

Zagreb welcomes you, and it gets more and more visitors every year. Please plan and book your stay early. Especially if you plan on visiting during major events and festivals.

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