Strossmayer promenade [Zagreb Stross]

Strossmayer promenade is the best place for panoramic views of Zagreb. One of the most romantic promenades in Zagreb, also known as Zagreb Stross.


At Strossmayer promenade you will enjoy spectacular views of Zagreb and rediscover peace and love.

It runs along the remains of Zagreb’s medieval defensive walls. For this reason, it is starting right underneath Lotrščak Tower one of last Zagreb’s fortifications. Watch out for the Noon Grič Cannon shot.

Walking along you will stumble upon Anton Gustav Matoš, a Croatian poet who sits on a bench forever overlooking Zagreb.

Strossmayer promenade is beautifully green, filled with chestnut trees. Therefore it provides a great gateway during warm summer nights.

A great place to take a walk and make a short break from exploring the city. Sit down and watch the world go by!

You can enjoy Summer on Stross during summer months at the Strossmartre.

Whilst, during winter, experience the magical Advent on Stross.

During events, the promenade is filled with artists, food stalls, souvenir sellers, and life.

You won’t be able to resist a glass of excellent wine. While enjoying a carefully crafted musical programme, art installations, artists and their canvases.

Strossmayer promenade view of Cathedral with love locks

Strossmayer promenade view of Cathedral with love locks

What can you do at the Strossmayer promenade?

You can experience amazing views of the city. The perfect place for Zagreb to walk during day or night.

Enjoy music, drinks, artists, and souvenirs.

Major Events on Zagreb Stross

The Summer on Stross is here for the entire 100 days from May 26th to September 4th.

Advent on Stross is held from December 2nd, 2017 until January 7th, 2018.

How to get to Strossmayer promenade?

Accessible on foot from Zagreb ban Jelačić square. Take the steps or enjoy a ride with the shortest funicular in the world.

For more history information go to [Wikipedia].



Strossmayer promenade

Opening hours

Open all day



Major Events

Summer on Stross

Advent on Stross

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