Mushroom Museum – a World of Mushrooms

Mushroom Museum has an extraordinary collection of real freeze-dried mushrooms. In this rich fungi world learn about edible and poisonous mushrooms and understand Croatia’s diversity.


Mushroom Museum has up to 1250 species of real mushrooms from around the world. Including dozens of newly discovered species.

As a matter of fact, the mushrooms are freeze-dried. Which means they are alive, in their original form, size and color. Making the Mushroom Museum unique in the world.

You have a chance to see the infamous and deadly Amanita phalloides, also known as death cap.

They are preserved in their original state so to educate visitors about mushrooms and mycology. In addition, it is about developing ecological awareness. Preserving forests from devastation and overcrowding.

It is led by agronomist and greatest authority on mushrooms in Croatia, Professor Romano Bozac, D.Sc. In fact, he can take you around the exhibit, if he has the time.

Mushroom Museum opening hours

Monday – Friday 10:00-16:00

Mushroom Museum ticket prices

Adults – 20 HRK

Children up to 7 years old – free

Family ticket* – 25 HRK

* 2 adults + 2 children up to 7 years old.

Guided tour

100 HRK with prior announcement

What can you see and do at the Mushroom Museum?

A visit here is really educational! You will get to learn about various mushrooms. Edible, poisonous, deadly but also very tasty ones.

There are cases filled with mushrooms, freeze-dried in order to preserve them in their natural state.

If you would ever like to go mushroom picking, definitely visit this museum and see the diversity.

How to get to Mushroom Museum?

The museum is on the 2nd floor of a building just below the Dolac market. It is accessible from Splavnica, a small street going to Dolac filled with domestic flowers.

If you are leaving ban Jelačić Square the building is on your left. Look for the double doors and head up to the 2nd floor. They have an elevator but it is not wide enough for wheelchairs.



Bana Josip Jelačić Square 3, 2 floor



+385 1 6383 420

Opening hours

Monday – Friday 10:00-16:00


Adults – 20 HRK
Family ticket* – 25 HRK
* 2 adults + 2 children up to 7 years old.
Children up to 7 years old – free

Guided tour

100 HRK with prior announcement

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