Medvednica Sljeme – Escape the City

Medvednica Sljeme a Nature Park merging with the city. Offering an escape from the city life and the best place to spend your time and energy. Ideal for nature and history lovers, romantics, sports lovers and seniors… For everyone!


Medvednica Sljeme is a rare example where a nature park is merging with a capital city. In the past, Medvednica provided protection with its castles. As well, it was the source of life because it provided residents with wood, coal, salt, stone, silver and water.

Sljeme is the highest mountain peak on Medvednica, but is often used to refer to the entire mountain.

The mountain is filled with springs and streams, forests, mountain meadows and wildlife. Only a short drive from the city centre of Zagreb. For this reason, today, locals find it as an escape from the city life.

There are 20 archaeological sites in the Nature Park. Ranging from Prehistoric Period down to the late Middle Ages.
At the same time, there are 60+ registered cultural properties. Which testifies to the Parks abundance of cultural heritage.

With its Castles and manor houses, Medvednica was both a protector and a tyrant to locals. While the castles were made to protect, their lords used its strategic position to terrorise and pillage the locals.
The legend of the Black Queen of Medvedgrad speaks of this.

Medvednica has many stories, one of them is about Medvednica “coprnice” or Witches.
In ancient times, people worshipped gods of Nature. Mother Earth gave and took life. Her priestesses were skilled in all knowledge about nature and feared by locals.
Afterwards, new rulers and new armies came and the ancient priestesses were prosecuted and humiliated.
Living in the shadow for centuries they took on many features of the creatures of darkness. It is said that they are roaming Medvednica forests during the night, even today.

At the present time, Medvednica is filled with numerous Mills and Watermills, Mountain Lodges, Castles and Attractions. There are also remains of Roman altars dedicated to Jupiter, Silvanus and Hercules.

Medvednica Sljeme Castles and Attractions

Medvednica Sljeme cable car is out of order!

Medvednica Sljeme Ski Resort

It is a small ski resort and during the weekends you can expect big crowds.
Elevation 730 m – 1030 m with artificial snow-making.
Total number of ski lifts 3, out of which there are 1 Chairlift and 2 J-bar lifts

Ski Slopes

Total – 4 km
Easy – 1.5 km
Intermediate – 1.5 km
Difficult – 1 km

Ski Pass prices

Day ticket
Key Card deposit – 30 HRK
Single Ride – 20 HRK

Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM until 4 PM
Adults – 100 HRK
Children (up to 15) – 50 HRK

Monday – Friday from 9 AM until 4 PM
Adults – 70 HRK
Children (up to 15) – 40 HRK

Night skiing
Tuesday and Thursday from 7 PM until 10 PM
Adults – 70 HRK
Children (up to 15) – 40 HRK

Audi FIS Ski World Cup “Snow Queen Trophy“– Zagreb/Sljeme

Normally, the first week of January

What can you see and do at Medvednica Sljeme?

Medvednica Sljeme is a complete destination. Excellent to spend a full day for anyone. Ideal for nature lovers, romantics, sports lovers and families!

You can explore and enjoy nature, or the 800-year-old castle watching over the city.

Hiking on Medvednica Sljeme is great for both beginners and experienced. On the way, you will find amazing observatory and photo spots.

Medvednica Sljeme Hiking trails

There are numerous hiking trails on Medvednica. We would recommend taking a guide but we can recommend trails which are easy to navigate:

Leustek trail

Route 14 – around 7 km
Difficulty: Easy
One of the most popular and easiest climbing trails.

Bikićev trail

Route 18 – around 6 km
Difficulty: Medium
The most popular trail towards Sljeme. At the start, you will find public parking.

Geological educational trail Miroslavec

Route 13 – around 3.5 km
Difficulty: Easy

A very pleasant trail which starts from Šestinski lagvić through the forest shade along the Kraljevec stream and up to the popular site Kraljičin zdenac.
For eager climbers, you can continue towards Mountain Lodge Grafičar on Route 1M for another 2.5 km. This part is somewhat steeper to climb.
Some 500 m before Kraljičin zdenac you will see the route towards Medvegrad Castle.

Medvednica Sljeme Bike trails

There are 8 circuit trails and 1 transversal trail marked with cycling signs. Cyclists are asked to only use the marked bike trails, especially when descending. Beware as pedestrian-mountaineers also use these trails.
All trails are circular and marked in one direction. Do not drive in the opposite direction as you will not see the signs.

Download the Bike Trails APP

You will get an overview of bike trails, their technical specifications, profiles, layouts and descriptions of the terrain and sights by the trails.
The app is not authorized, so you will have to allow your phone to install an app from unauthorized sources. This option is under Security phone settings.

QR codes have been placed on the terrain which helps you read all the data with your smartphones.

How to get to Medvednica Sljeme?

From the ban Jelačić Square take the tram no. 14. in the direction east, or Mihaljevac. Go all the way and get off at the last stop.

From Mihaljevac you can take the bus 140 straight to the top. For more information look at the Zagreb Bus 140 to Sljeme Timetable.

If you would like to walk, you can continue from Mihaljevac by taking the tram no. 15. towards station Dolje, where you get off.
Then follow the signs towards Tunnel Sljeme. Once you pass the tunnel head north towards Bliznec or the Gondola. The Gondola is closed.

At the Gondola, you can go right towards Bliznec and the starting point of Bikićev trail Route 18.
On the left, some 200 meters, you will find Leustek trail Route 14. Head north, upwards at the abandoned house.

For the Geological educational trail Miroslavec Route 13 you can go 2 ways.
The first way is to go from the ban Jelačić Square take the tram no. 14. in the direction east, or Mihaljevac. Go all the way and get off at the last stop. There take the bus 102 towards Britanski square. Stop at the Šestine St. Mirko church, the 6th stop Šestine centre.

Another way to go is from Britanski square towards Mihaljevec, bus 102. Also, stop at the Šestine St. Mirko church, it should be the 14th stop Šestine centre.

From the Šestinski St. Mirko church, just go north past the cemetery.


We would recommend going by car. Parking can be found at Bliznec.

If you want to go to Geological educational trail Miroslavec Route 13, parking can be found right by the Šestinski St. Mirko church.

If you want to go straight to Sljeme Peak just follow the Sljeme Road to the top. You can park at hotel Tomislav.

Taxi or UBER is always an option.



Nature Park Medvednica




Monday-Friday 08:00-16:00
+385 1 4586 317

Emergency Services

+385 112

Opening hours

Every day

Mountain Lodges are closed on Mondays.



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