Grič Tunnel – Zagreb Underground

Grič Tunnel is a part of mysterious Zagreb tunnel network. Today it is transformed into a tourist attraction and hosting temporary exhibition and events.


Grič Tunnel was built in 1943, during World War II and connected to Zagreb tunnels. Its primary purpose was to shelter civilians from frequent bombings during WWII and the Croatian War of Independence.

After all, it is a part of a network of Zagreb tunnels under the Upper Town. But the only one open to the public!

You can find the tunnel entrances as they are marked with Zagreb coat of arms. Once you look at Zagreb coat of arms on the rooftop of St. Marks Church, you will notice the underground, secret door under the castle. Symbolising the entrance to hidden Zagreb network of tunnels.

Stories and legends speak of secret underground passages all over the city. One of them speaks of the great 1880 earthquake. When it is said most of the tunnels disappeared, containing the church gold.

Nowadays it is a buzzing new Zagreb tourist attraction. The tunnel was renovated in 2016 with traces of old warning signs and new public toilets.

With its 350-metres it is a great place to host events. Amazing events were held here, such as:

The best event so far was the award-winning multimedia exhibition “Croatia je Hrvatska”. The exhibition brought you through time, showing Croatia’s rich and turbulent history.

The tunnel is accessible from Mesnička and Radićeva Street and 3 other entrances:

  • Mesnička Entrance
  • Radićeva 19 Entrance
  • Art Park Entrances 1 and 2
  • Ilica Entrance
Grič Tunnel Zagreb Art Park Entrance

Grič Tunnel Zagreb Art Park Entrance

Grič Tunnel opening hours

Monday-Sunday 09:00-21:00

Free admission

Grič Tunnel Events

Advent in the Tunnel

What can you see and do at the Grič Tunnel?

When not used for events, it is an underground shortcut. It takes about five minutes to walk from end to end.

Great place to escape the summer heat and literally walk underground to the city centre.

Do not miss out if there is an event taking place.

It is not recommended to persons suffering from claustrophobia.

How to get to the Grič Tunnel?

You can access the tunnel from 5 different points. Although, during events only Mesnička and Radićeva Entrances are open.

We recommend starting at Mesnička Entrance. It is a normal starting point for events as well.

The Mesnička Street entrance is right beside the steps to Strossmayer promenade.

If you park at Tuškanac parking garage it is a great shortcut to the city centre, and on your way back return through the Strossmayer promenade.

Art Park has 2 entrances which tend to be closed on events.

The Ilica entrance is a bit hard to find, you go next to Nama department store.

Radićeva Street Entrance is at street number 19. Across the Bloody bridge passage. You will see large green doors.


You can park in the nearby Tuškanac public car park.

Taxi or UBER is always an option.

Opening hours

Monday-Sunday  09:00-21:00



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