Planning a romantic weekend? Zagreb is a perfect fit for a weekend getaway. Go for a romantic walk at one of Zagreb parks or have a Romantic Zagreb dinner.

The Croatian capital has a great vibe, lots of parks, historical sites, good nightlife and vibrant restaurant scene. For a break, just end up at one of the cafe terraces.

Romantic Zagreb can inflame your romance with its twisting and intriguing streets and solitary kissing spots.

Take a stroll at Zagreb Upper Town and find your solitary kissing spot. Fun fact is that the Upper town still features gas street lamps. They are hand lit every evening.
We recommend the Strossmayer promenade or Tuškanac forest, but Zrinjevac park pavilion is definitely one of the most romantic places in Zagreb.

Zagreb Fountains, on the other hand, have a music show during weekend nights. You will get to witness a unique light and musical programme. Swimming (or dipping) is not recommended, but nobody is going to bother you if you do. After all, the locals do it too.

Romantic Zagreb is marked with the best kissing spots, but if you want solitude, just take a detour into the closest alleyway… Numerous parks and a 900-year old city offer endless opportunities for romantic walks.