Zagreb welcomes your pets with open arms. That is why we give you a list of Zagreb Pet-Friendly Accommodation. Hotels, Apartments and Hostels!

Don’t leave your pet at home, take them with you for your vacation in Zagreb! We have plenty of pet-friendly for you to choose from, hotels, apartments and hostels.

Pets are forbidden on children playgrounds, sports fields, cemeteries, open-air markets, school and kindergarten grounds.

We know that your pet is part of your family, and leaving them behind is just not an option. In Zagreb, you can walk your pet nearly anywhere. But please be aware that your pets should be leashed and faeces cleaned after them.

Regarding Zagreb pet-friendly accommodation, most of them will charge extra for pets. That is mainly for their extra cleaning charges.

Furthermore, most coffee bars and restaurants allow pets, but please ask the waiter or look for a sign at the entrance. That is why we consider Zagreb becoming a pet-friendly city.

Browse and stay in pet-friendly accommodation in Zagreb.